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Paragon’s holistic approach to consulting leads clients through the entire spectrum to their market share nirvana.  With over 40 years of experience working with the most successful media and entertainment companies in the world, we know how to apply the right expertise at the right time.

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Successful marketing requires integrated strategies, not one-trick ponies.  Paragon’s integrated marketing strategy fulfills the matrix of components needed to engage audiences and grow market share.

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Research is only as good as the data that is collected, and only as effective as what is done with it. Paragon’s Action Plan provides clients with a strategy with detained implementation tactics to grow market share.

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Creative sound design is audio art that moves people to take desired actions.  Paragon’s audio production prowess stems from decades of creating hundreds of consumer-facing media and entertainment outlets.  Production is where the rubber hits the road and ideas come to life.

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“Live From Cain’s” Lifts Off

December 19th, 2019|

Paragon’s Mike Henry is excited to be involved in the launch of a new radio show for public radio called “Live From Cain’s.”  Read more about it here. Posted on: [...]

Local Music Moves Mainstream

November 21st, 2019|

Cumulus Media just relaunched their heritage Country station in Atlanta focused on the music of Georgia's local recording artists. Relying on local music who became national artists including Jason Aldean [...]

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Paragon CEO Mike Henry

Peabody Award Winner


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What’s The Chatter

It is always a pleasure to involve Mike Henry in the projects that we do. Mike has successfully helped us with both single song placement and long form programming and remains our ‘go to’ guy for all things radio.
John McDermott, Catalog Director, Experience Hendrix
Mike has truly become a partner more than a consultant. He’s smart, focused, honest and thorough. I credit him, along with Chris Mays, Scott Mahalick and our great team at KINK with helping us bring home a Marconi Award recently for Rock Station of the Year.
Bob Proffitt, President/COO, Alpha Media
WXPN worked with Mike and his colleagues on a highly successful market and music research project. We were extremely satisfied and confident with Paragon’s work in the field. The great results from the project speaks to the effectiveness as consultants and researchers.
Bruce Warren, Program Director, WXPN-FM
In launching both 99X in Atlanta in 1992 and WRXP in New York in 2008, Mike Henry and Paragon helped me create the best market position for ratings and revenue.  Paragon helped our brands through reliable audience research and sound consulting advice.  I always called Mike my “un-consultant” because no one does it better.
Leslie Fram, Former Program Director 99X/Altanta and WRXP/New York

I’ve worked with Mike Henry at Paragon since 2000 on a number of public media projects that range from local market projects to those that are national in scope. These projects have been critical to establishing important foundations focused on building a more viable and successful public media reaching new audiences.We’ve never been disappointed with Mike’s contributions and work.

Marc Hand, Former Managing Director, Public Media Company
With a market leading heritage Country station for nearly 25 years, quality, actionable research is most important in maintaining that position. Paragon has been our research partner in achieving that goal.
Bill Hagy, Group Programming Consultant, Bristol Broadcasting
The tremendous success we have had with the launch of 105.5 The Colorado Sound has been great.  Mike and Paragon Media Strategies have been an instrumental part of the team in the months leading up to the launch and with our first months of operation.  The perspective Mike brought to our planning conversations reflects his varied experiences, recognition of local needs, and his thoughtful approach.
Neil Best, President & CEO, The Colorado Sound
Before working with Mike Henry and Paragon we were a little all over the place. Mike and his team came in, helped us focus on what matters (hint: the audience), gave us access to all of their analytical tools and provided steady guidance. Since working with them, we’ve seen a significant increase in cume and TSL. Also, the workflow we created during our time together is still in place today, much to the relief of the staff. KUTX is a better station thanks to Mike and Paragon’s help.
Matthew Reilly, Program Director, KUTX
Paragon was able to help The Colorado Sound develop a strong digital presence. We had the building blocks in place but it took the guidance of Paragon to help us polish our various platforms. After implementing the suggestions we saw immediate growth throughout social media. Our digital numbers continue to rise as a result of what we learned from Paragon.
Benji McPhail, Program Director, The Colorado Sound
WUNC Music is a lean project with only a couple of staff members in its orbit. With a small, and I mean really small, staff we need to make everything we do impactful. Paragon’s advice, check lists and best practices has helped us find efficiencies and focus our work to make the most of every opportunity.
David Brower, Program Director, WUNC/North Carolina Public Radio

This is the third new radio station launch with which I’ve worked with Mike Henry and Paragon, and as they say, the third time’s a charm.  Together at Colorado Public Radio we created an in-depth strategic action plan that is already reaping the rewards of hard work and tactics.  In just our first 5 months, Indie 102.3 has broken station ratings records and been recognized as the Public Radio contemporary music station of the year.  Mike and the Paragon team are great partners to have on your side.  They are what they say, media change agents and we’re thrilled with the results.

Willobee CarlanWillobee Carlan, Program Director, Indie 102.3, Colorado Public Radio

Paragon and Mike Henry played a major role in helping KXT launch some new programming initiatives. The work we did together has helped broaden our audience and increase tune in time with our listeners. We came up with some really creative programming ideas that were unique to our market. They’ve also helped broaden our audience even further by presenting new collaborative opportunities between our station and NPR Music.

Amy Miller, Program Director, KXT 91.7

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