The office will be closed Sunday, April 21st, as always a doctor will be on-call for emergencies.



At Pediatric Health Care we believe in the inherent worth of all children, they are our most enduring but most vulnerable legacy.

We feel the role the pediatrician is to provide excellent quality health care with compassion and to assist parents in the task of encouraging each child's development. We are advocates for the safety and well being of all children from newborn to college.

We are committed to the children of Staten Island and surrounding areas and their families. Our goal is to work in partnership with you to make the best possible medical decisions for your children.

Yes! We are handicapped accessible

Our Vision

Pediatric Health Care is recognized in the community for its quality, excellence, Ethics, compassion and caring service. We provide this by maintaining a culture of teamwork and conscientiousness and by strongly emphasizing teaching both to promote health and to prevent illness and disease.

We view patient care as an investment in the future health of the nation and thus take our mission very seriously, But not without incorporating whimsy and humor in the patient experience. We all remember being kids and all of have children of our own adding to the empathy we bring to each patient encounter.

Not only do we seek to be on the forefront of pediatric quality by actively participating in multiple medical societies in pediatric policy making, we also aim to promote this message beyond the community as opportunity arises

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